megan noel keach

A Chicago-based milliner with a love of color and a strong belief in the power of a good hat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know my hat size?

I base all of my sizing off your head circumference. To measure your head, wrap a tape measure across your forehead just above the eyebrows, and around the back of your head at the largest part of the skull.

I have a large head. Can you make a hat to fit me?

Yes. Most people who have trouble finding large enough hats are actually well within normal sizes - there just isn't a lot of variety in commercial production. While the vintage blocks I use can be on the smaller side, I can make the hand-shaped style cloche in sizes up to 23.5".

I have a small head. Can you make a hat to fit me?

Yes. You are in luck - vintage hat blocks favor a smaller head. Most of my styles can be made as small as 21.5", and it often possible to alter hats to make them smaller.

Speaking of alterations, can you change the size of one of the One of a Kind hats?

Maybe. It is usually possible to bring a hat size down through the addition of padding or the tightening of a band. Stretching is another matter, and is generally not recommenced on finished hats.

How long does it take you to make a Made to Order hat?

I ask 2-3 weeks to complete a custom order. Please contact me before placing an order if you need a quicker turnaround. Rush orders will incur an additional fee.

I like a hat I saw in your gallery, but can't find a listing for it in your shop. Can you still make it?

Of course! While the shop represents my current work, the gallery is a history of what I have made. It is there to inspire imagination and give an idea of what is possible.

Do you do SUPER custom hats? I have this great idea for a....

With time and resources, I can make pretty near anything. Let's talk.